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Escursioni Dottorato

Escursioni durante il mio Dottorato di Ricerca in Geologia Planetaria.
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  1. IntroExcursion: Silver Sands of Morar, a river of myths
  2. MysteryExcursion: Loch Ness, the legendary monster
  3. GeoExcursion: Loch Lomond, landscapes and zombie wars
  4. ArchaeoExcursion: Stonehenge, the circle
  5. GeoExcursion: Argyll Forest, in the deep wood of fairies
  6. GeoExcursion: Lanzarote island, into the wild
  7. MarineExcursion: Ireland coast, exagonal columnar basalts
  8. GeoExcursion: Isle of Skye, stairway to the heavens
  9. ArchaeoExcursion: Mexico, ancient Mayan ruins in the jungle
  10. GeoExcursion: Yucatan, on the remnant of the Chicxulub crater
  11. GeoExcursion: Santa Fe impact structure, highly shocked minerals
  12. PaleoExcursion: Petrified Forest, when wood and rock are the same thing
  13. GeoExcursion: Sunset Volcanic Crater, astronaut training sites
  14. GeoExcursion: Meteor Crater, signature of an asteroid
  15. MysteryExcursion: Isle of Arran, enigmatic caves and stones
  16. GeoExcursion: Eastern France, on leaves carpets
  17. DesertExcursion: Sahara, infinity of dunes
  18. GeoExcursion: Azores islands, a lost paradise in the Atlantic
  19. GeoExcursion: Cliffs of Moher, mind the step
  20. ArchaeoExcursion: Cornwall, legendary ancient ruins
  21. GeoExcursion: Norway, sailing within the fjords
  22. SpeleoExcursion: Postojna caves, hypogean proteus dragons
  23. GeoExcursion: Crete and Santorini, wondering around the cyclades
  24. GeoExcursion: Thailand, islands and jungles rides
  25. GeoExcursion: Japan, Ring of Fire volcanoes
  26. SpeleoExcursion: Wieliczka Mine, salty deepnesses
  27. MysteryExcursion: Chernobyl, radioactive ghost city
  28. FinalExcursion: Hawaii (*Coming Soon*)