Nicola Mari

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Escursioni Lauree Magistrali

Escursioni durante le mie lauree magistrali in Geologia (Italia) e in Vulcanologia (USA).
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  1. IntroExcursion: Etna, when nature makes show
  2. SnowExcursion: Snowboarding in Valsassina
  3. PaleoExcursion: The biology of Tertiary
  4. GeoExcursion: Damage fault zones
  5. GeoExcursion: The Etna volcano's fury
  6. GeoExcursion: Question of survival
  7. GeoExcursion: Hungarian Falls, a colorful land
  8. SpeleoExcursion: Quincy Mine, a copper treasure
  9. SnowExcursion: Snowboarding on Mont Ripley
  10. GeoExcursion: San Andreas Fault, within oasis and deserts
  11. MysteryExcursion: Death Valley, the mystery of poltergeist rocks
  12. GeoExcursion: Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonderfuls of the world
  13. DesertExcursion: Sonoran Desert, immense erg of dunes
  14. GeoExcursion: Guatemala, volcanological mission on Pacaya volcano
  15. UrbanExcursion: Central Park, the geology of New York
  16. SnowExcursion: Niagara Falls, the rash force of nature
  17. PaleoExcursion: Teton Valley, a 2.1 billion-years-old day
  18. FinalExcursion: Yellowstone Supervolcano, future planetary cataclysm